Cloud hosting is based on our own in-house custom built framework that offers multi-storage, multi-tenant and multi-network private and public Cloud solutions. It is fully customizable and modular to accommodate the need for different corporations, whether they are Cloud providers or fortune 500 companies.

The framework offers you the possibility to create with just a few clicks a convenient Cloud environment that runs your most demanding applications. Our in-house Cloud framework offers your company a simplified but powerful user interface (UI) to scale your infrastructure on-demand according to your application’s requirements.

Due to the fact that with Cloud hosting servers become highly scalable, and servers become instances, our framework adds extra security features that can be easily managed from the UI. This makes the user able to focus on what actually matters; building stable and highly available application environments. The built-in firewall, virtual private network (VPN), ACL authentication and VLAN capabilities offer additional security features to make sure your data is well protected.

With our very own API, deploying instances becomes easier then ever, ideal for Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) Providers, and Software as a Service (SAAS) Providers to deliver cloud based service models through our automation infrastructure. All with the easy to use UI, gives your company the tools to deliver exceptional service and endless possibilities.

Contact our sales team for an online demonstration and the benefits of having your very own Cloud infrastructure running with Fibermax Networks.