Dedicated hosting gives you the raw horsepower to host your applications on bare metal environments without the virtualisation layer in between.

In general, dedicated servers lack the virtualisation layer and as a result have lesser flexibility in comparison to cloud hosting. However, our dedicated servers are powered by our own inhouse developed Cloud Framework thus you can easily scale your server farm with more bare metal power by just a few mouse clicks. Bare metal resources without compromise, is what our dedicated servers stand for.

Thanks to our complete datacenter automation and management, maintaining dedicated servers has become easier then ever! Managing server resources, rebooting, auto-instal operating system, maintaining application updates and customizations, cloning, backing up, restoring, scaling resources and direct access to our 24×7 datacenter engineers, you have the power and the backing to build the most demanding hosting environments.

All servers come with generous traffic allowances, 10gigabit powered, private secured vlan, service and uptime monitoring, bandwidth statistics, managed network security and monitoring, fully managed hardware and software and service level agreement. Our team operates from three different continents to assist you in delivering a stable and secure hosting environment for highly available and on-demand scalable servers, utilizing the latest technological standards and in-house proprietary technologies.

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