The Modern Cloud That Works For You.

Your business needs scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure that moves your operations to the next level. Backed by industry experts and a real SLA, so you can focus on what really matters.

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Dedicated Servers

Whenever you need BareMetal hardware resources, our dedicated servers are custom built to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications and clouds.

Cloud Platforms

Your own cloud needs a fully managed service, backed by a real SLA, and high-performance hardware resources, where scalability is easy and encourages growth.


You own or are looking to purchase infrastructure hardware, so that you can have your it housed and managed in our datacenter locations.

Why us?

We are experts in hardware

Did you know that the right CPU is the difference between software or hardware encoding? Like hammering with a screwdriver or a real hammer. What about memory, storage and networking?

We speak all platforms

We are technology freaks. We code, build and maintain different technology stacks. So whenever you need a partner in crime, we are here to execute the most complex IT projects in the cloud.

We are SLA focused

We know how important it is for your business to innovate. Innovation requires a flexible and open approach to change. We will ensure that with any change, you can keep your SLA promises.

We love open source

Open source is a fundamental need to drive innovation, as much as personal freedom is for a society. Open source also means dealing with limited technical support, unless we are within your team.


Cloud Platforms

We support the major Cloud technologies, including but not limited to Kubernetes, Openstack KVM, to help you build a Cloud that works and grows with you. We work closely with existing cloud providers including AWS, Azure and GCP, to support you in your Multi Cloud or Hybrid Cloud needs.

Cloud Migrations

Migrations between different Clouds and Platforms is what we do to protect our customer data from vendor lock in difficulties. We never settle for average, if it affects your business efficiency or growth. Our migration expertise helps you keep business impact to a minimum.

Continuous Integration

If your business depends on your development processes to improve your proprietary software, continuous integration (CI) is a no-brainer to bring new releases faster to your customers. We support all major CI/CD tool stacks, including Jenkins and Gitlab help you through the CI pipeline process.

High Availability Hosting

When your business depends on the uptime of your applications, never take any solution for granted. We build, stress test and secure highly available hosting environments, because your hosting success is our drive towards our technology ideals.

Backups & Disaster Recovery

The global average cost for data loss is in the million USD. Security and backups of your data is an obligation to ensure business continuity. We ensure a safe and efficiently recoverable backup approach, with a strict disaster recovery plan, to guarantee zero loss even in extreme cases.

Distributed Storage

Data grows exponentially and a vital need for data-driven businesses. So are the storage requirements to keep data safe and secure. Our experts in distributed storage, object storage, Bigdata to make Ceph, Glusterfs or any Bigdata platform work for you.

About Us

Founded in 2003 in the innovative Dutch port city, Rotterdam has made us focus on long term innovation, proactive R&D approach, focus on problem solving and customer service, without depending on fluff sales talks or zero technical dept.

And this made us exactly what we are today. Our drive towards helping our clients with technology driven solutions that solve real world problems, had made us earn the trust of business around the globe, startups or big corporations.

We are a business of experts in different fields and technologies, working closely together throughout every day, meeting on a daily base, enjoying team building events on a weekly basis. We do not work with external or freelance experts, eliminating communication barriers or lack of team spirit.

Flexible communication lines, direct hands on expertise, monthly tech talks and our periodic office visit of our clients ensures our customers sees us as a valuable tech partner and an extended team they can truly depend on.